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2930 MacArthur View
San Antonio, TX 78217

 24 Apr 2013  TBM Update on West  
Sm Disaster Relief Logo Texas 
Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Update
April 24, 2013
  • On Tuesday, April 23 we received a request from the City Liaison to cover records at the retirement home before the rain, but it was still too dangerous a situation to accomplish.
  • Each of the shower and laundry units are serving the community with the Commanche unit assisting the Fire Honor Guards.
  • We are receiving work orders and will be in homes tomorrow to assist residence clean up glass, and remove dry wall and ceilings.
  • The chaplains continue walking the neighborhood talking with residents. 
  • The San Angelo specialty feeding unit will begin feeding tomorrow.
  • The JAC has been extended to Sunday and childcare and shower and laundry will remain on site. 
 17 Jan 2013  Answered Prayer  
Update on outcome of Bill Pigott's surgery.
If you want to SHOUT now is the time to do it....Bill's surgery went VERY GOOD. Did not take as long as the surgeons' had thought. They were able to get every bit of the tumor...from the skull, sinuses and around the eyes! The DRs' were very encouraged. GOD was in charge today. Bill will have to have several weeks of Radiation.
 14 Jan 2013  Texas Baptist Men Prayer Request  
Texas Baptist Men Prayer Request 



From: Don Gibson and TBM Staff


What: Bill Pigott's Surgery on Tuesday, January 15, 2013


  • Bill Pigott serves as the Texas Baptist Men's Director for our Retiree Builders. He is one of God's choicest servants, living out God's call on his life. He has been going through chemo therapy for several weeks for a large brain tumor, shrinking it down so that the doctor's will be able to operate. The surgery will be at M.D. Anderson.
  • Bill goes into surgery on Tuesday morning, January 15th for an expected 10 hour operation. His doctor, Dr. Kupferman along with a surgical team will perform this operation.
  • Dr. Kupferman is very optimistic about the surgery and has had good results with this type of cancer and this type of surgery.
  • Bill has personally asked to have Texas Baptist Men praying for him, his family and the team of doctors doing this surgery. We are asking, all of you to be praying all day long on Tuesday, January 15th starting early in the morning.
  • One month following the surgery he will begin radiation 5 days a week for 6 straight weeks. They will stay in their RV hopefully close to M. D. Anderson there in Houston. Pray for a space in one of the RV Parks close by for them! Please continue in prayer during this time.
Texas Baptist Men
5351 Catron
Dallas, Texas 75227
 07 Dec 2012  H.O.P.E. Jr Moves To MacArthur High School  
On Tuesday evening, Dec 4, at 6:30pm, the Burmese school children tutoring (known as "H.O.P.E. Jr") moved to the MacArthur High School Library.  The coordination of several efforts to tutor these children by NEBC and NEISD has resulted in Serna Elementary obtaining access to several online educational resources for the Burmese school children and their tutors, MacArthur High honor students volunteering to tutor the Burmese school children, and MacArthur High School making their Library resources, including computers, available for the tutoring sessions. 

NEBC provides transportation for the Burmese school children from their homes in the Perrin Square Apartments to and from the tutoring sessions.  NEBC also provides transportation home for Serna Elementary's Burmese students enrolled in after-school tutoring. 

H.O.P.E. Jr includes all Burmese school-aged children between 1st grade and 12th grade attending Serna Elementary, Garner Middle School, and MacArthur High School.  Both the H.O.P.E. Jr and Serna Tutoring sessions occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year.

Initially, NEBC, under the leadership of Marilyn Holman, provided ESL (English as Second Language) books and workbooks as well as tutors for H.O.P.E. Jr. and H.O.P.E. (Burmese adult tutoring).  H.O.P.E. continues at NEBC on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm.

H.O.P.E. stands for "Helping Others Practice English"
 29 Nov 2012  Port Monmouth Community Church Newsletter -11/14/2012   
Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief

November 27, 2012 


The following is a "Letter from the Pastor" in the Port Monmouth Community Church Newsletter.  The church is located in New Jersey.  Thank you for your donations, prayers and for your service to the Lord.  As you can see below, YOU can make a different and Texas Baptist Men have made an impact in New York and New Jersey.  


Port Monmouth Community Church Newsletter -11/14/2012
Dear Friends,

The attached was posted on facebook by Wanda Wohlin (my assistant) and I just had to share it with everyone on our list:

My brother and I had dinner last night with an amazing group of people-Texas Baptist Men (including one woman) - who are part of the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief organization.
Our church was damaged quite severely during the storm which tore off a portion of the outside wall, exposing the sanctuary, which was built in 1890, to the outside and there was about 5 ft of water inside the church from the 13 ft storm surge. All of the furnishing floated in the water and we lost our organ, 2 pulpits, our electronic sound system, a piano, stove, refrigerator, hot water heater, hymn books, Bibles, and many books, several of which were very old and cannot be replaced.
Last Saturday morning we met at the church to begin the cleanup. We were walking around in shock trying to figure out where to start when The Texas Baptist Men pulled up in their pickup trucks with their long trailer filled with tools and supplies and introduced themselves telling us they were the "Mudd out Group" here to clean out our church for us. I don't know how they heard of us, and they won't say, but they are angels sent from God.
They proceeded to remove all of the contents of the building and spent Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday power washing and sanitizing all of the contents that was salvageable, removed damaged sheet rock, power washed and sanitized the interior walls and floors. They then returned the contents to the inside of the building. They even retrieved our utility shed that floated across the street fully loaded and placed it back where it belongs! This morning before they depart for Texas they are replacing our electric meter and wiring that was lost in the storm. These folks are all retired and spend their time traveling all over the country helping people in need. They have been to disasters resulting from hurricanes, fires, and floods. This was the first time they came to NJ. They were originally scheduled to go to NY but got diverted to NJ. Truly God was working. They don't get paid for their work and do it simply to spread the love of Jesus. They wouldn't even let us help as they wanted us to save our strength for the rebuilding still to be done. They willing leave their families and their lives just to help people in need hoping to share Gods love with those they meet. Pray for them that they will be safe as they travel back home to Texas. Pray for the church also as we have no flood insurance but are determined to rebuild.
I must concur with Wanda about these people. On Saturday, I actually saw the remains of the church for the first time in person. I really had to hide it and hold back the tears. Then when I went home, I thanked the Lord for sending these people to us...and then the tears of joy began to flow. We are a very small group, but we love the Lord with all our hearts. Flood insurance or not, we will rebuild and we will be on fire for Christ even more than ever before.

We are still going to attempt to have our annual Christmas party on December 8 if we can confirm a site. Keep the date open and more details will follow as we can make alternate arrangements for a site.

God bless you,
(And as our new friends from Texas would say Ya'all)
Pastor Don
"My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory."

 14 Nov 2012  TBM Disaster Relief - Hurricane Sandy Update 11-14-2012  
Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief  
November 14, 2012


From your State Disaster Relief Director:

Sm Disaster Relief Logo Texas 

Hurricane Sandy left death and destruction on the East Coast, but also left a legacy of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief at its finest. I arrived November 2, 2012 at the New York City Office of Emergency Management headquarters as Southern Baptist Disaster Relief liaison. We quickly become known as a well-respected organization. New Yorkers have stopped us on the streets and in restaurant with words of thanks for being here and the work we do. We have received emails from people passing us on the highway and from people we have served.


During this response, the DOC at the Dixon Building has been extremely busy. I want thank Cindy Dickerson for holding down the fort with the help of countless volunteers, and to Joe Detterman, Gary Smith, Ralph Rogers, Jim Leak and Ed Acklin for helping coordinate teams.


I also want to say a big thanks to the volunteers who responded to the call and travelled across the country to NYC. Although there were many uncertain moments as to where they were going and what was happening, everyone remained faithful to their call and in the process received great blessings.


Upon finally arriving in NY, the team split up to support other states units. At the request of FEMA, the TBM State feeding unit set up at Floyd Bennett Field to provide hot meals for first responders, the military, NYC police and sanitation. This was a new venture for Southern Baptist with many logistical hurdles, but the team was a shining light for the weary workers.   The shower/ laundry unit provided much appreciated hot showers and clean clothes.


The feeding at Bennett Field closed much quicker than anticipated as businesses began reopening and the city wanted to integrated the workers back into the community.  The team filled a great need and opened the door for future opportunities.


Continue to pray for the survivors as they rebuilt their lives, for the relief workers still on the ground for safety and rest, the city as they make decisions regarding their citizens, and SBDR volunteers as they minister in Jesus name.


Terry Henderson, State Disaster Relief Director

Texas Baprtist Men-Disaster Relief

5351 Catron

Dallas, TX  75227

 13 Nov 2012  TBM Disaster Relief - Hurricane Sandy Update 11-13-2012 - Report From The Ground  

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief  

November 13, 2012

Sm Disaster Relief Logo TexasHurricane Sandy Update

TBM report from the ground

            Floyd Bennett


On this Veterans Day with a minimal staff at NYC OEM, TBM State Director, Terry Henderson, was able to spend the morning with the TBM team at Floyd Bennett Field in NYC. They have a great setup in place and are doing a great job serving the first responders, military, sanitation, forklift operators and FEMA.


 Floyd Bennett 2



After breakfast, Chaplains Ken & Della Peacock provided a morning service with approximately 60 people attending. Ken shared the story of Zaccheus and encouraged us to look for the Zaccheus' in the crowed we encounter today.




  Floyd Bennett 3



The team is providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to the weary workers and is creating great rela tionships with those they serve. Over and above the normal meals served, they are also providing coffee and snacks breaks to the Sanitation Department and NYC Police.


 Floyd Bennett 4




The shower and laundry unit is very popular as they provide warm showers and clean clothes.








R.L. Barnard and Ray Gann update Terry on the status of the operation.




 Floyd Bennett 6 

At the end of a long day, the team travels ninety minutes back to the SS Wright (the ship on the right) for a good night's rest to prepare for another day. During the nor'easter when everyone was hunkered down, the laundry team completed 48 loads of laundry on the ship.





 Floyd Bennett 7

 Floyd Bennett8














But more important than the meals, showers, and coordination is the chance to share the love of God and offer a prayer for those who need encouragement and eternal life through Jesus Christ.


 Floyd Bennett 9


 09 Nov 2012  TBM Disaster Relief Update 11/9/2012  


Texas Baptist Men Advocate Update


Hurricane Sandy Storm Relief

TBM Specific:

Feeding unit providing meals for first responders and military. They are also using our shower and laundry units. Nor' Easter came through fast and furious, but everything is well.


"But if it doesn't please you to worship Yahweh, choose for yourselves today the one you will worship: the gods your fathers worshiped beyond the Euphrates River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living. As for me and my family, we will worship Yahweh."


NAMB DOC Activation Level: Level IV

Supporting Regions 1 & 2 Leadership



  • Yesterday command was passed to the affected state conventions. Area Command was stood down.
  • Thank you Mark Gauthier and Jack Noble for serving during the most difficult days of this response.
  • Each affected state has established a command structure that best fits their needs.
  • Details of command structure for each affected state will be sent later today.
  • Many of the areas received up to 6" of snow. The overall impact of the nor'easter was not as severe as first predicted.

Responding State Updates:

Alabama DR - 2 recovery units, 1 shower unit serving Staten Island, NY.

Arkansas DR - Feeding team on Long Island, NY, shower, chainsaw serving in Farmingdale, NY.


Canadian Global Response DR - Recovery teams serving in New Jersey.

IL DR - Recovery team serving in Edison, NJ.


Indiana DR - Recovery and shower teams serving in Edison, NJ.


Kansas/Nebraska DR - Feeding team assisting AR feeding team in Farmingdale, NY.

Kentucky DR - Assessors, chaplains, 2 kitchens, recovery, and shower teams serving Queens and Staten Island, NY.


Louisiana DR - Chainsaw and shower unit at the Monrovian Church on Staten Island, NY.


Maryland/Delaware DR - Recovery and roofing teams serving Pocomoke City, MD.


Missouri DR - Recovery and shower teams serving New York. Recovery teams also serving in Piscataway, NJ.


Mississippi DR - Recovery and shower teams serving New York. Recovery team serving at Toms River, NJ.


New York DR - Kitchen on Long Island serving with AR DR recovery and shower teams.


North Carolina DR - Feeding, shower, laundry, and command team serving in Piscataway, NJ., feeding, shower and recovery teams serving at Toms River, NJ and kitchen, shower teams serving in East Rutherford, NJ.


Ohio DR - Feeding team assisting Kentucky DR feeding team in New York.


Oklahoma DR - Kitchen, recovery and shower teams serving in Middleton, NJ.


PA/SJ DR - Kitchen serving in Hammonton, NJ.


SBCV DR - Kitchen and shower teams serving in Mt. Nebo, WV. Shower unit in Edison, NJ.


SBTC DR - Chainsaw, assessors, chaplains and recovery teams serving in New York


South Carolina DR - Kitchen, recovery, shower, chaplains, command and communication teams serving in Hammonton, NJ. Shower team in New Brunswick, NJ.


Tennessee DR - Feeding recovery, shower teams serving at Union Beach, NJ. Recovery team serving in New London, CT.


TBM DR - Kitchen, shower, recovery, chaplains serving in New York. TBM staff on site at the OEM in NYC.


VBMB DR - Kitchen, shower serving in Queens, NY. Also feeding and shower teams serving in Buchanan, West Virginia.


Because of the dedication of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers who responded in mass last week, many windows of opportunity are continuing to open.

To Donate to Texas Baptist Men and the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Effort please click on the Donation link below:




Updates provided daily by:

Terry Henderson, State Disaster Relief Director

 09 Nov 2012  TBM Disaster Relief Update 11/7/2012  

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Update
November 7, 2012

Sm Disaster Relief Logo Texas 
Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Update

TBM Specific


All work suspended today as the nor'easter moves in. Feeding unit and Shower unit are located at Floyd Bennett Field. Recovery team is working in NJ with OK. Volunteers have been housed on the SS Wright.


SBDR Overall


"He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure that He planned in Him for the administration of the days of fulfillment-to bring everything together in the Messiah, both things in heaven and things on earth in Him." - Ephesians 1:9-10


SBDR volunteers continue to make a significant impact


Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers' flexibility and preparation were on display on Election Day. From expanded leadership to new avenues of service, SBDR volunteers continued to make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


An expanded incident command team was announced for New York with Mickey Caison, NAMB DR team leader, serving as incident commander. This comes after yesterday's announcement that the New York incident command will be split into two branches, one serving Long Island and one the Burroughs.


The Baptist General Association of Virginia and Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia kitchens continued to serve in West Virginia supplying a combined 7,000 meals Monday, Nov. 5.


Area response commander Mark Gauthier reminded leaders of the need to prepare for an approaching cold front with temperatures expected in the 20s overnight. Coastal winds of up to 50 miles per hour have been predicted with the passage of a storm system Wednesday.


Some mud-out work is expected to begin soon in the eastern shore area of Virginia. Mud out jobs continued in Maryland-Delaware Monday. Mud out needs continue to be identified in New York and New Jersey

 07 Nov 2012  TBM Disaster Relief Update 11/5/2012  
Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief 
November 5, 2012

Sm Disaster Relief Logo Texas 
  • Our feeding team of 36 volunteers along with one tractor trailer loaded with cambros is in route to the New York City Area. Once they arrive they will be split into two teams with Ray Gann and Albert Fuller each leading a team. One team will possibly be sent to Staten Island to support Oklahoma Feeding Unit and it is yet to be determined where the other team will be sent.
  • Our State Shower Unit with three volunteers is headed to the New York City Area. Stan Knight is the Blue Cap for that group.
  • Della and Ken Peacock, Disaster Relief Chaplains, are in route to the New York Area. They will serve as support at a yet to be determined location. Della and Ken will meet up with the Colorado Baptist Association Unit along the way and continue towards NYC.
  • Colorado Baptist Association Chainsaw/Mudout Unit from Wharton, TX is in route to the New York Area with 4 team members. Bob Eaton is the Blue Cap for that Unit.
  • Butch Moore from La Grange, TX is also traveling with the Colorado Baptist Association Unit. Butch is transporting a Skid Steer.
  • A team of 6 volunteers from Waxahachie, TX is in route to also join Colorado Baptist Association. The Blue Cap for the team is Jim Lawton and they will serve as chainsaw and mudout support members.
  • The State Feeding Unit which consists of two tractor trailers, a large generator and 11 volunteers is in route to the New York City area.
  • Terry Henderson, State Disaster Relief Director and Tracy Barber, State Childcare Specialty Coordinator from Farmersville, TX are still working in the New York City Command Center.
  • There is currently no information concerning the need for relief teams or for the need to deploy additional teams.
 04 Oct 2010  Having Trouble Finding Us?  
Are you having trouble finding us? The city recently changed the name of our street. Our new address is 2930 MacArthur View, but if you are looking for us on a map or on an Internet mapping service, you won't find us under that name. MacArthur View was formerly Bitters Road, so if you need a map, look for 2930 Bitters Road, but if you are driving down Nacogdoches or Broadway, remember that the street sign will read "MacArthur View."   
 20 Jul 2010  The Church is on Facebook!  
Check us out on Facebook!  
 03 May 2010  Want to Know More About the Church?  
On Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. we offer what we call "The Discovery Class." The class consists of 4, one-hour sessions that cover basic Baptist beliefs, the organization and history of NEBC, and how you can become more involved. The class is designed for visitors, new members, and existing members who want to know more about the church. Class facilitators are Dave and Ann Parsons and Skip Holman.

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